Delivery conditions

Delivery Conditions

Loof Beauty BeNeLux = here after Seller

1.1 General Conditions to Seller at any time by change.
1.2 On all orders, deliveries and vendor agreements, these Terms of Delivery
     (the conditions) apply.
1.3 The making of an order implies that the buyer the applicability of the then current  
     terms and conditions accepted.
1.4 In these conditions can only after written approval by seller are waived, in which
     case the remaining provisions remain in force.
1.5 All rights and claims, as in these conditions, and any further
     agreements for vendor are stipulated, are also stipulated for by vendor intermediaries and other third parties.

2.1 All products seller are without obligation and seller reserves the right to change
      prices, especially when under (legal) regulations.
2.2 An agreement is only after acceptance of your order by vendor. Seller is entitled,
     without giving any reason to refuse orders or certain conditions to the delivery, unless otherwise specified. If an order is accepted by Seller, Seller shall notify this within (5) five business days after receipt of the order.

3.1 The method of transmission is determined by the seller, unless otherwise
      agreed. This will be the costs be charged.
3.2 The delivery times are always approximate and in no case for vendor
      reimbursement of costs or damages for exceeding the delivery time be liable,
      without prejudice to our rights, in cases of force majeure as defined in Article 7.
3.3 Products not in stock are not automatically supplied later. Seller will here the buyer
      within five business days from know. The buyer has the ability to order any change
      or cancellation.

4.1 The prices for the products and services on our website are in euro,
       excluding 21% VAT, plus shipping.
       Seller reserves the right at any time to prices, packaging, package contents, designs
       and colors change.
4.2 For orders with a delivery address outside the Netherlands are rates of DHL.

5.1 Payment is to supply (unless otherwise agreed) to be made by: ABN/AMRO- account:
     BIC: ABNANL2A  IBAN: NL95ABNA0620682159 in the name of
      Loof Beauty BeNeLux stating  your name and order number.

6.1 Loss, breakage, theft or other damage during transportation will be reimbursed by
      Seller provided clear evidence for this can be delivered.
      A certificate means in empowering images of the damage / fracture within 24 hours
      to the e-mail address  If a package is damaged on the  
      outside, is the excess of copper in terms of lack of substantive items to the buyer
      upon acceptance by DHL deliveryman. Buyer may, upon acceptance of any damaged  
      package claim shortfall products and content damage.

7.1 In case of force majeure, if position in any case will apply, riot, epidemic,
      natural disasters, lockout, strike, fire, war conditions, terrorism, mobilization, and
      export barriers, lack of raw materials, auxiliary materials, finished products or labor
      disruptions in public services, failure of any kind in our company, or in that of our
      suppliers or agents, or if other circumstances, including breach of contract by Seller
      or reasonably could be expected on time, seller has the right to choose, without
      judicial  intervention and without any compensation against the Purchaser to be
      held single notification to the agreement entirely or partially dissolve.

8.1 The ownership of products supplied is transferred only after all the buyer what the
      buyer under any contract vendor will have been settled.

9.1 The buyer shall indemnify seller for any liability of any third party vendor could rest
      on the seller delivered goods.
9.2 a.In several scientific publications seems to be hair extensions that might damage it
        could inflict on her own and the scalp. These statements are disputed in other
        publications, however, which is also clearly noted that, if there is already an injury,
        it also may result from improper use of hair extensions. There is no single
        scientific reports available on the potential damage from hair extensions and / or
        improper use of hair extensions.
9.2b. In addition to above, however, expressly seller in no way responsible or liable to be
        taken for any damages, including physical or psychological, that may result from
        the use product...
9.2c. Seller is not responsible for the work of others, including but not
         limited to the processing of products supplied by Seller.

10.1 Products may, within fourteen (14) days after invoice date are exchanged if the seal
       of the package is broken.
10.2 Seller shall in no circumstances refund otherwise expressly provided agreed.
10.3 Costs incurred for goods exchange are borne by the buyer.
10.4 Non-registered or signed receipt for each returns is the buyer's own risk.
10.5 After return within the agreed period of fourteen (14) days, the buyer 2 months in
       which to place a new order for the same amount or more.
10.6 The purchaser is obliged to check the delivered items comply with the order.
       Any deviation in colours, textures and models or, if acceptable can not be returned
       or exchanged. If not this case, the buyer within fourteen (14) days after delivery to
       notify  by e-mail to the seller stating the name of the purchaser, the order number
       and a clear explanation why the article does not comply. Seller will replace the item
       or payment undo if it shows that the article not accepted for valid reasons. Within
       this period any defect reported lapse any claim against Seller in respect of any
10.7 Seller can not be held responsible for damages suffered by false dispatches with
       incorrect spellings.
10.8 Seller can not be held responsible for specifying a wrong delivery address, even
       after relocation.
10.9 Seller exchanges no products and / or gives no refund on used goods in good

1.11   Complaints about quality should within twenty-one (21) days after purchase to be
         specified in writing accompanied by a clear statement of the complaint. Within this
         period any defect reported lapse any claim against Seller in respect of any defect
11.2   Seller shall only complaint of the official buyer, as the debtor file known treatment.
11.3   The purchaser is obliged to cooperate with any vendor that is necessary for the
         complaint to be resolved reasonably.
11.4   For the complaint handling, all products / hair extensions within thirty days (30)
         after purchase to be sent back. Products not returned within this period will be
         sent not  qualify for the handling of complaints.
11.5   If during the treatment creates doubt about the product, treatment should be
         discontinued immediately and should be contacted seller to be included.
11.6   already chemically treated products are not eligible for the
         handling of complaints.
11.7 Seller is not liable for the labour of others.
11.8 Return does not guarantee reimbursement.
11.9 A fee is only from the same product as the product purchased and not a cash
         reimbursement of expenses incurred or to third parties. If a product is no longer
         available a credit will be created with an equal value of the purchased
         product. This voucher can be freely spent in our shop within twenty-one (21) days
         after deregistration.
11.13 About rejected complaints can not be final.


12.1 To all returns the following rules:
* Submit within fourteen (14) days to an e-mail stating
  your name, invoice number and reason for return.
* The article must within seven (7) days after the day you have contacted seller on the
  return shipment to be returned.
* The seal must not be broken.
* The packaging must be intact.
* Cost for returns to the buyer unless a retailer incorrect delivery was made.
* Not registered or signed receipt for returns is the risk of the buyer.
* Seller is not responsible for loss or delay of a return.
* Insufficient postage or unstamped returns are not accepted by the seller.
* The buyer should such items be packaged to prevent damage

13.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the website of the
       seller may not be copied without permission.
       If Seller in any way without power used copyright and other intellectual property
       rights of Loof® Products will meet, if not performed after a warning is given
       an  official report be made use of the roads Copyright © protected products.
13.2 If the products Loof© in any way to publish a web shop - mailing –
       promoting a Europe-etc has Loof-Beauty Europe Publicity Agreement, which we send after return with name and signature for approval will give an assessment.
13.3 If in any way be through fraud a different type / brand extensions and hair care
       products under the name of  Loof® to offer to third-preserving  
        Loof Beauty Europe the right to take legal action in this regard.

14.1 In case of dispute the court of the location of our office, or at our choice power

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